To the Bahamas and back

On board Royal Carribean  enchantment of the seas


Sail away @ 4.15

From a port I have never before been


The party starts straight away 

Cocktails, beers, nachos,

It’s only the first day


Bahama mama the waiter yells

Another new cocktail

With all the whistles and bells


800 staff are working on board

2700 extras plus us add to the hoard


How this boat fails to sink

Causes my poor brain

To over think 

Day one, getting to know the ship. Restaurant 1, 2,3, 4,and so on. Check, bars, how many ? Too

Many to count 

In all seriousness a cruise is a cruise wherever you may be.  Why is it that it always seems to rain when you are on a cruise ?

Cruises are basically a frenzy of over consuming. Food and alcohol. The more the better.  So there is a saying a 3 day cruise is a 3kg cruise etc. so does that mean we gain 3 kg over the next 3 days. Feeling thankful in more ways than one that this is not a 30 day cruise. 

Day 2 Coco Cay, it rained.  

Craig and I did have a beautiful experience. We went and swam with the sting rays. When you enter the water, if you stay calm, move slowly they apparently sense your vibration and swim around you, even rubbing up against you.  Which happened. Obviously a calm soul, they swam around me. Their smooth skin rubbing against my legs and their tails rough like a cats tongue. 

Dumpling a rescue stingray, poor darling was a shark attack survivor, and cannot go put into the open water now. I was very fortunate and that I had an amazing interaction with her, she was very beautiful and calm, I held her and even gave her a little kiss on her head. Who knew they were so gentle. 

An Aussie with a stingray brings up the subject of Steve Irwin, who they fondly refer to as the crocodile hunter. RIP Steve. 

What else did we do? EAT, shows, cocktails and EAT!

Day 3 Nassau. This is more like the Bahamas that comes to my mind. Colorful conch style houses, scatter through the big beautiful houses built by the affluent and wealthy, again scattered through the many high rises, resorts that block out a lot of the beaches. We hired a bike and ride around the island. A funny thing happened in the Bahamas. 

Craig and I had been riding our little moped along, for about an hour, god only knows where because we had no idea and no map. We just go with, wherever the wind takes us. Then beep beep, a car horn honks, we just kept moving. Again, so I waved for them to go past. No, they honked again. This happened numerous times until, they pulled up beside us. 2 women in a car, “pull over police” pardon? Police pullover and she flashes a peak cap with the police embroidered in the cap. Hmmmm I thought. Are you lost? Maybe!!! Do you have a map? No! Are you really police?  we ask. Yes! Follow us please. Gulp 

Okay crazy thoughts are rattling through my head, are they legit? Are they taking us somewhere where a gang are going to rob us. Empty our bank accounts? I memorized the car and number plate. I’m not sure why but figured that we can catch them later when we escape from this situation. We can do a quick U turn or right turn and make a run for it. On our moped 😜. Sure!!!! They wouldn’t catch us in their hotted up car. If  they were police, we would have been in even  more hot water. We went with it,following them with each turn. We got to a right turn, the passenger hopped out of the car, approached us and with a very friendly face and sweetness gave us directions to find our way back to the more tourist area. Police I am not sure, or a couple of locals playing a prank, they did a good deed. 

We found our way back, did NOT get a map but went venturing off to the other side of the island where we found beautiful beaches. Swam in beautiful Bahamian clear blue waters. Dehydration set in whilst lying  on the beautiful Cable beach, despite many cute little beach boxes and retro looking caravans serving drinks and eats, I had to go thirsty. Why? That was my question. May I please have a water, my parched mouth voiced with my money in hand. No cash, no credit card, only room charged. Really? Yes! So I can’t have a drink? No! 30 minutes later I may have been in a desert. I saw a boy riding up and down the beach on his ATV with drinks in hand. I ran after him. Please stop, can I buy a drink off you?  No cash, no credit card, only room charged. Really? Yes! So I can’t have a drink? No!. I did notice a a semblance a pity on his face, and on he drove anyway. Back on our moped, we rode on and found a local area,  with the islanders, it was Mother’s Day celebrations and we sampled local cuisine and yes finally water. I live on to tell another story after our attempted kidnapping and my almost dehydration  🤣

Final night on board, well as the Americans do, they put on a big farewell parade. It was fabulous. All the staff carrying all the flags from their countries. Some putting on a national dance or song. There was 4 Aussie crew. They did nothing, but wave our flag. We whooped and cheered being the only 2 Aussies on board.  The one and only Fijian crew member was the hit of the parade with his tattooed face, costume and similar to a haka dance with the long 👅 tongue happening. The crowd roared. The Indians also won a screaming applause with their tradition dance and fabulous sense of humour. 135 Indian staff on board, but the winners, from down near home, the Philippinies with 230 staff. Wow

The Norwegian captain ended the night with statistics of how much food was consumed over 3 days. You do not want to hear, nor do I want to write or acknowledge as I lower my eyes to the possible 3 kg, could be 6 for Craig. He ate for 3 people. 😜 

Au Revour

Hasta Luego


Catch you later

Cuba here we come 

Published by Janette Bendle

I have reached my fabulous 50s. Guess what, it’s okay. 20 years in the health and wellness industry. Educating men and women on the importance of nourishing their bodies with good food, moving with integrity, recharging their energy levels and empowering their minds. I love my job. A mother of two boys who are now men and my greatest achievement. A lover of words, an aspiring author with a book written and no idea where to go next, a poet who writes from the heart and her vulnerability. A foodie who loves to experiment, a salad lover , But not just your Every day salad, I throw in anything you can think of it ends up in my salad. I have a reputation for making the greatest weirdest salads around. As a total contradiction, I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. I rescue abandoned souls in the bodies of dogs, an animal lover, Who sometimes likes animals more than humans. My teacher in life, my mother never ceases to amaze me. I am one fortunate human being who is filled with gratitude for the life she lives.

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