losing a pet – 12 months on

My darling boy, as the 12 month anniversary of the day you left approached, I am overwhelmed at how quick time has passed as it only feels like yesterday I was cuddling you.

I realized then, that not a day goes by when I don’t think of you. Not a day goes by when I don’t miss you.

You were such a huge presence in my life, you came with me everywhere . You were my constant companion and studio mascot. Your photo is still up on the stage at the studio. Everyone just expects to see you everyday, as they did 12 months ago.

A dog you were, yes, but not just any dog, not just a dog, no dog is just a dog, they are our family. You my little man, you were one of a kind, not just special, an extremely special one.

As the one year mark drew closer, I found myself looking at photos of you more often, playing back videos, I couldn’t, can’t, believe 12 months has gone.

You are in my everyday thoughts, memories and you are still locked inside my heart. I know you’re still with me, around me, I can feel you.

Are you resting peacefully? Or creating havoc? Are you king pin as you we’re here, with me? Please tell me you are with our beautiful Meg.

Are you now walking limp free? Is your pain, discomfort and illness gone? Of course, you are free, you are happy.

Till we meet again my darling boy, I love you every day

Growing up we always had dogs, some we got as pups, some arrived as adults. I don’t recall any point of my childhood, teenage years, actually even into my 30s not having a dog in my life.

However, back then, being young, I didn’t quite understand that we were actually adopting dogs.

As an adult, Ruffy, you were my first conscious decision to rescue a dog. I still fondly remember the day I met you. I walked into the shelter, not for you, but our eyes met, you had chosen me. I nearly left that day without you, thank god, I turned back because you gave me 13 beautiful years of love. You opened my heart to something that sometimes leaves me speechless and sometimes makes me outspoken.

You taught me the gift of second chances and the joy I could bring to another animal, but also the joy you could bring to me, my kids. I try to share this knowledge, share with others, the importance of rescuing and giving an animal a second chance, at a life they deserve.

You don’t choose to be abused, neglected or cast aside and forgotten about. Humans make those choices for you. Yet you still love us even with that. You place your trust in us, every moment through to your last moment.

Do people even realise how much our dogs love us, do they know that it is enough for our dogs, just to be loved by us. You beautiful souls love us whether we are successful or not, you love us whether we have money or not, you love us whether we are pretty or not so pretty, whether we are big or not so big, you love us no matter what, you just love us because we are us!

I wish, oh how I wish, humans knew how to love like this. An animals love has no price, it’s free!

Animals have so much more emotional intelligence than humans, you need to show us, teach us the way to kinder living.

Thank you for that Ruffy.

Have you met my new family! It’s growing, we have three rescue dogs at home, Boston your old mate, oh he missed you terribly when you left. However, introducing excitable sweet wonderful Ella and crazy eccentric Bo. They are adorable and I love them to bits, this being said, always know Ruffy, you are irreplaceable in my heart. Each dog holds a special place in their humans heart. You my little man, have top spot. RIP baby boy ❤️

Published by Janette Bendle

I have reached my fabulous 50s. Guess what, it’s okay. 20 years in the health and wellness industry. Educating men and women on the importance of nourishing their bodies with good food, moving with integrity, recharging their energy levels and empowering their minds. I love my job. A mother of two boys who are now men and my greatest achievement. A lover of words, an aspiring author with a book written and no idea where to go next, a poet who writes from the heart and her vulnerability. A foodie who loves to experiment, a salad lover , But not just your Every day salad, I throw in anything you can think of it ends up in my salad. I have a reputation for making the greatest weirdest salads around. As a total contradiction, I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. I rescue abandoned souls in the bodies of dogs, an animal lover, Who sometimes likes animals more than humans. My teacher in life, my mother never ceases to amaze me. I am one fortunate human being who is filled with gratitude for the life she lives.

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