Growing up

That sense from childhood  To the adult of wealth Rich in heart full Happy in the sun hues Losing the hands that held you Take the flower The glad day and the summer land Turn at the road you once Did follow White as the lily of silky skin From a cup that overflows RememberContinue reading “Growing up”

Sunshine on my face

As Victorians, we have all had so much taken from us. Accepting our situation has been and still is hard. Heartbreaking for many, what helps, is knowing we are all, millions sharing this one experience. We are all experiencing it, living it and surviving it, in different ways, but we are all sharing it. WakingContinue reading “Sunshine on my face”

I am listening

When was the last time you gave to yourself what you give to others When did you last tell someone you loved them When was the last time you said this to yourself We say I love you to others We want to hear these words back We look for love from others We askContinue reading “I am listening”


Through life’s dirty windows We feel the presence of dread The absence of clarity How do we see the path ahead * Split between worlds Of mayhem and order Masked and invisible Promise at the next corner * A kaleidoscope is framed A new dream in construction Veiled in aspiration Release of havoc and destructionContinue reading “Becoming….”

My secret

My secret My heart skipped a beat when I first saw you walk in. You were my secret Tingles of excitement raced through my body. You were my secret Every day at the same time I watched the doorway, to see you walking through. I knew you were the one. I kept you secret ThenContinue reading “My secret”

Through the eye of a painter

I painted a picture So lush And full of life Full of passion Arousing a little strife 🌹 This picture tells a story Of expansion And Renewal Where life can be beautiful and on occasions brutal 🌹 This pictured I painted Dreams of magical hues Like a rose that will bloom Glistening in the morningContinue reading “Through the eye of a painter”