You pushed me away because you thought I was the reason for your disharmony

was it the right thing

I had my doubts,

you did not it would seem

A lifetime together

We are no longer a team

It does not seem right

We have parted despite

The fact we still love each other

Word of the day-Team

Open the Gate

Open the gate

Enjoy your stay

Listen for your untold story

Let instinct lead the way

Accept its invitation

Access is this way

Are you on vacation

Or is it your mind at play

Experience the illusion

Ride wonderments roller coaster

Every movement, every moment

Extreme happiness is one step closer

Breath in the magic

What is your life yearning

Wisdom, foresight, acumen

Life knowledge and forever learning

What is your bliss

Find it, feel it,

smell it, touch it

Seal it with desires kiss

Invitation – Sue Vincent writephoto

Learning – Word of the day

A New Challenge

Courageous trust within my sixth sense

Protect me

Shield me

Safe inside my make believe fence

The fences lines are blurred


My psyche, my soul

Impressed on me

good instinct

Sheltered, cherished within my fence

Do I dare to break out of my sanctuary

This does not cohere, nor make sense

Seal my fate,





Leave my comfort zone


Watch me walk through

My fenced gate

What is out there

I said yes to a new challenge

Janette Bendle

Easier to say goodbye

Word of the day – Commit

Will you regret

This moment in time

You were brilliant,

I was fabulous

Together we were sublime


Was it real

Or an empty dream

Things were not

As things would seem


You walked away

It was too easy

you quit

It was easier to say goodbye

Than to give your heart

to me

and commit


A Moment in Time

Can we go back

To that first embrace

You held me tightly

Searching for your answers

You gazed longingly into my face

At that moment in time,

You delved deep into my soul

Each of us captivated

That night was beautiful as we wildly

Lost control


Held a prisoner

in your eyes

That split second, minute, that hour

The only two people on earth

Bound in abandoned power

A memory so poignant

It was set in stone

A memory of passion and love

A tenderness never past known

That treasured moment

Of a time past

Yet timeless

The spell remains unbroken

Love remain ❤️

#Writephoto _ Timeless.

Janette Bendle February 22 2019

Sue Vincent – writephoto founder and photographer

Commitment – how committed are you really?

Commitment – Loyalty

The first word that comes to mind when I think of the word commitment is loyalty.



A commitment to a task or job is to be responsible to or for. Make the decision to follow through. Support and fulfil obligations.



In a relationship it is bond built on openness, trust and love and your willingness to give yourself and your time to that person.



Definition of a committed relationship, serious or lasting romantic relationship with someone whether married or not. Showing love, giving declarations of love verbally and through gestures, showing respect, being honest, giving your trust and receiving trust, working together.



Is a relationship as committed if you have no joint asset’s or wedding/commitment vows together?


Are you really as connected and committed as the couple who do own joint assets or who are married.


I have been having this debate recently with friends, so your opinions would be valued.


If you are having problems within your current relationship, is it easier to walk away from a relationship if you don’t have that extra commitment? A contract of joint assets or a wedding certificate signed in ink on paper? Do you commit that little bit more? Try that little bit harder? Or is there something lacking there in their commitment to walk away so easy?



Can you walk away