What will be will be

Will you catch me if I fall
Laugh at me, laugh with me
Live life with me, have a ball
Tantalise me, tease me
Completely enthral
Hold me, do I have your heart?
Do I have your all?

See the 6 year old, laughing, at play
See the teenager, dancing the night away
See the logic in my crazy plans
Laugh, kiss my face, join me
Hold my hands

Yes yes yes
This is what I need
Someone who sees the real me
Yes yes
this is what I need
I do concede

I do concede
This is my need
Love the real me
That’s what’s I need
Yes yes I do indeed

Let’s go for ice cream I say with glee
You say let’s go for doughnuts
I don’t like doughnuts, do you still not know me?

I like to dream, you are so grounded
Common ground, seems unfounded

I am in the clouds dreaming & soaring
You are down on earth, you find my eccentricities boring

Worlds apart
It seems more evident now
Than at the start
Somehow beautifully
We remain connected at the heart.

We shall see
We shall see
What will be will be


Weekly Photo Challenge: Awakening Are You Awake



Eyes closed
Must I
I am definitely opposed

One eye open
Must I really
I’m lying here just a hopin
Is it time
Are you sure
Give me some allure

Both eyes open
Is it morning?
I’m barely copin

Ruffy is still sleeping
Shall I wake him?
I see one eye peeping

Eyes wide open
It’s a new day
Hip hip hooray
A new day to play
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Waking is fun on any day
Ruffy are you coming
Or do you plan to stay

Are you awake
The day is here to take
Fun and mess we must make
Wake up, for goodness sake

Our day is just beginning
Let’s start it grinning
We are rescue dogs
We are already winning

This is just the beginning
Our joy is here, just living

Are you listening
Are you ready?
This is our awakening

Our humans gave us a new beginning
The other life is past
Welcome to the awakening

We are forever home

My Broken Friend

Pain etched upon your face
Please my friend
Take your mind to a beautiful place

I watch the pain raging in your heart
My friend, can I help
Dull this ache, from when he did depart

Your body aching, oh so frail
Your broken
Deathly pale

You must get up, I beg you please
Laying in bed
Let her aching heart please appease

It shall only be a moment, only a season
A split second in life
That he will be the reason

You are readying to release this pain
Lose sight of this face
Gain your old self back again

Be happy, show me the light again, in your eyes
Some falls in life
Lead to a happier arise

May your beautiful kind heart shine on through
There is nothing more harmful
Than sharing moments with someone not meant for you

Move forward in life, my sweet friend
The hurt the sorrow
Conquer it, let it end

A new tomorrow

Make a new journey
You are so very worthy

Live your life



What do you love about me?
Is it my mind?
Is it my laughter?
Do I fulfil you?

What do you see when you look at me?
Is it my face?

Do you look into my eyes?
When you look deep into my eyes,
What do you see?
Do you see me?

Do you love me?
Do you see my soul?
Do you see my heart?
Do you see me?
For my heart and soul are me
Do you see me?

I am not a pretty face
I am not a pleasing physique
Do you love what you see?

Do you really see me?
I am my heart,
I am my soul
Is that what you love about me?

Am I enough?

So I ask again
Do you really love me?

And then I ask myself
Are you enough for me?
Are you enough for me?
Do I love you?


Which way

Which way
Go back
Turn around

Too loud
Don’t make a sound

Too loud
Too proud
Too independent
Too much money spent

You are right
You are wrong
You’re too stubborn
You’re too strong

Different ways
Little praise

Yours, mine
always define

Lose your mind
Always be kind

Look into my eyes
See where my beauty lies
See my beauty
Not in my face
Look to a deeper place
See my grace
In a deep deeper space
Look into my soul
That’s where you will find me

(Copyright) Janette Bendle January 2018

2018 Yes yes I can



Can I do it?
Yes yes I can
Start and return to where it all began

Make each moment into a beautiful memory
Time spent with you
Will you always remember me

Making every breath I take count
Let’s live our life
To its fullest amount

Live our new choices
Listen to unfamiliar voices

Travel to new places
Stare into unknown faces

Travel east west north and south
Plant a kiss on my lovers mouth.

I will smile daily at people who are strangers
Being careful, being aware
To avoid hidden dangers

Journey to another new land
Cultures I don’t yet understand

Experience something new every day
Laugh till my tummy hurts
Laugh like I am a child at play

Can I do this?
Bloody oath
Watch me,
watch us both

Will we do this
Yes we will
Travel forever
We cannot still

Climb the mountain so you can see the world,
not so the world can see you.

USA, Cuba, Bahamas here we come
Comforts, few, maybe afford us some.

Si Si see you in May Bahamas & Cuba

Tour de Maroc Day 2.

Day 2 tour de Maroc

2 people on adventure bikes riding around Morocco 🇲🇦

Taroudant to Agdz (pronounced Agdaz) 300km

Wow this was an enjoyable day. I am now officially a bikie chick.

We chose to ride down the road less travelled and we were met not with postcard pretty, but rugged mountainous views that no picture or description could do justice.

On riding in to Agdaz, nothing really catches your eye. It seemed lack lustre with no life. It was scorching hot, we noticed a little cafe/kitchen, we happily sat. I’m not sure why I sat, habit I guess, as my bum was so bruised and sore with constant bumps and dips in the road. However, I did sit and was so elated to see fruit salad (a picture) on the menu. Fresh and light, just what I needed. I waited, what seemed a long time, then it arrived. I looked down to find my healthy fruit salad adorned with a chocolate sugar syrup all over it.

The lovely lady was so pleased with what she made me, smiling and gesturing, showing her proudness at making a very special dish for this scruffy little Aussie girl. I indulged on this rather odd meal with slight distaste st the chocolate syrupy goo, but otherwise enjoyable meal. It was fruit, which I love and miss when I leave our Australian shores. The Moroccans / Berbers are such beautiful people, who could and would feel disrespected very easy. We chatted in sign language as best we could, smiled and waved goodbye.

Jumping on our bike yet again, oh my poor bum, we moved further into this quiet little town. Here we were given 1000 welcomes by a knowledgeable bedouin /shop owner / desert trekker. Come come come, he yelled, grabbing our elbows leading us directly into his shop. We had n choice, we had to go. Inside we were welcomed with a saffron tea, then shown 1000 pieces of silver jewellery, a 1000 photos of desert experiences he could give us, in 1000 degree heat.  Craig my partner and travel companion was offered 2000 camels for me(tongue in cheek), of course. Felling slightly flattered at my more mature age. Craig asked, “what are your camels worth?” 10,000 dirham each. I did the math, 2000 X 10,000= 20,000,000 equates to 2 mill euro, equates to 1.6 million AUD. I saw Craig contemplate this for a split second. A long one hour later and a silver purchase, we were on our way with our new friends email address, with promises to keep in touch.

Being ramadan at this time of year, the option for dinner was limited. A berber omlette or a berber omlette. We decided on the Berber omelette.

A lot of travellers would bypass and miss out on seeing Agdaz as it is off the main road. It is a little oasis with a magnificent lush green palm grove, despite having no rain for 4 years. The desert is an amazing and can be scary place. Another sight not to be missed is the ancient mudbrick kasbahs that have been left abandoned, sadly, due to lack of visitors. We took many amazing photos mostly due to Craig’s artistic eye and perfect backdrop. Pop around for a movie night, perhaps week. Yes that’s how many photos were taken.

On our way out of this cite little city, we visited the old city. One word. WOW. Still amazing with the humble gentle people still living there. Mode of transport is mostly donkeys and motor bikes. This is a must visit destination . I loved Agdaz ❤️

A woman of inspiration. A life once lived ❤️

1997 was a sad and happy year
I lost a great love
Someone close to my heart, oh so dear

When the phone rang in the middle of the night
I knew at the moment
You had given up your fight

20 years on I still miss your smile
Your presence, it still lingers
Won’t you please please stay a while.

Scottish you were through and through
Come my wee bairn,
Today, what shall we do?

You were the second woman that stole my heart
You gave me guidance
You were at my side, right from the start

When my dad took to the road
Leaving behind the sad remnants
of seeds he had sowed
Broken pieces were left on the floor
You were the first to start picking up the pieces
You opened up a new door

You held my hand
Always on my side
You’d listen, you would understand

Nikki your dog and I played every day
I would sing, he would howl, do you remember?
Whished child,” shush that wee dug” you would say

Oh how I have missed you every day
We would run across Carlisle street
Cars, bikes, people, get out of our way

A force to be reckoned with, you and I were
Secrets and chats, we would confer

Always in the kitchen
Always keeping busy
No matter what though, you had my back,
my beautiful granny Lizzie

You left that night, in 1997
You took a walk, to the angels, straight to heaven

You rekindled never forgotten lost love
Back with Billie, my cherished granda
The stars twinkled with happiness above

Oh how I miss you every single day
How you would lead me
Innocently astray

Cheeky, funny, bossy and naughty
Intelligent, outspoken, but never haughty

You taught me much in our life together
Tied together with an invisible tether
Two peas in a pod
Birds of a feather
That was us, we flock together

I wrote you a poem, every single year
So another for you this year
A wee bit of birthday cheer

For all you have given me right through to this day
Today March 26th, I have something to say

Granny granny today it’s your birthday
Three cheers from my heart
Hip hip and the most heartfelt hooray

1997 was a sad and happy year
Yes I lost someone very dear

Divine happiness came my way
My second child, my beautiful boy
Why didn’t you stay

You would have loved him with all your heart
Just like you loved me right from the start

Forever in my heart. Happy birthday from Mum, Christine, Helen, jimmy, George and all the grandkids, great grandkids and great great grandkids. Way to many to mention


10 daughters take their mums sailing, mayhem & mischief. Someone control these mums

All aboard the P&O cruise
4 nights, 4 days,
No time to snooze

Espresso martini’s on day one
Oooh a little chilly
We forgot to bring the sun

Welcome to our 8 new cruisers
A few of them, I’m not naming names
were definitely boozers (maybe all 8 🤪)

The waterfront restaurant had us a regular table
Nightly we had 3 courses
Yep our appetites we ready, willing and able

Do you know how much you eat on a cruise
We all come home
With a few pounds to lose

Day 2 barre class on the deck
All the passengers thought
Let’s join in, “what the heck”
Sore legs were felt for a few days or so
A few prayed, do I have to stand up again
No no no no

6 of us flew the flying fox
Harnessed, tied,
Hey lock those locks
Flying high across the ship
Spread your arms
Release your grip

Kangaroo island, beautiful for some
Getting on the tender boats produced some glum
Waves and choppiness, created many a green face
Vomiting and yells of help from many a passenger
Back on board they feel their calm embrace

White night, party time
You must dress in white
Or commit a fashion crime
Angelic is the term I’d use
19 of us dressed in white
A fine picture, we did produce

Cups of tea on deck twelve
Solving problems of the world
Yes a few, we did shelve

Trivia, scattergories & name that tune
Quick what’s on next
Grab a cocktail, I’ll be there soon

Karaoke, sing a song
Everyone is so polite
You never get the gong

Have you ever played bingo
We had in our group,
a bingo dingo
(someone who has never played that only comes to last the jackpot game)
Are you impressed, that I know the cruise ship lingo
So Here it was jackpot day
Mandy bloody Curtis “ bingo “
Hip hip hooray

Well statistics were definitely on our side
19 of us and one of us WON
“Woo hoo” The Mornington peninsula crew all cried

Last night,
party night
Drinks and a toast
Last night, make the most
The cruise ship crew joined the band
Everyone sang, the night was grand
One by one we went to bed
Worn out cruisers, enough said

I feel privileged to have shared this time
in this perfect paradigm
Beautiful women through and through
Join us next year
join our charismatic cruising crew