A woman of inspiration. A life once lived ❤️

1997 was a sad and happy year
I lost a great love
Someone close to my heart, oh so dear

When the phone rang in the middle of the night
I knew at the moment
You had given up your fight

20 years on I still miss your smile
Your presence, it still lingers
Won’t you please please stay a while.

Scottish you were through and through
Come my wee bairn,
Today, what shall we do?

You were the second woman that stole my heart
You gave me guidance
You were at my side, right from the start

When my dad took to the road
Leaving behind the sad remnants
of seeds he had sowed
Broken pieces were left on the floor
You were the first to start picking up the pieces
You opened up a new door

You held my hand
Always on my side
You’d listen, you would understand

Nikki your dog and I played every day
I would sing, he would howl, do you remember?
Whished child,” shush that wee dug” you would say

Oh how I have missed you every day
We would run across Carlisle street
Cars, bikes, people, get out of our way

A force to be reckoned with, you and I were
Secrets and chats, we would confer

Always in the kitchen
Always keeping busy
No matter what though, you had my back,
my beautiful granny Lizzie

You left that night, in 1997
You took a walk, to the angels, straight to heaven

You rekindled never forgotten lost love
Back with Billie, my cherished granda
The stars twinkled with happiness above

Oh how I miss you every single day
How you would lead me
Innocently astray

Cheeky, funny, bossy and naughty
Intelligent, outspoken, but never haughty

You taught me much in our life together
Tied together with an invisible tether
Two peas in a pod
Birds of a feather
That was us, we flock together

I wrote you a poem, every single year
So another for you this year
A wee bit of birthday cheer

For all you have given me right through to this day
Today March 26th, I have something to say

Granny granny today it’s your birthday
Three cheers from my heart
Hip hip and the most heartfelt hooray

1997 was a sad and happy year
Yes I lost someone very dear

Divine happiness came my way
My second child, my beautiful boy
Why didn’t you stay

You would have loved him with all your heart
Just like you loved me right from the start

Forever in my heart. Happy birthday from Mum, Christine, Helen, jimmy, George and all the grandkids, great grandkids and great great grandkids. Way to many to mention


10 daughters take their mums sailing, mayhem & mischief. Someone control these mums

All aboard the P&O cruise
4 nights, 4 days,
No time to snooze

Espresso martini’s on day one
Oooh a little chilly
We forgot to bring the sun

Welcome to our 8 new cruisers
A few of them, I’m not naming names
were definitely boozers (maybe all 8 🤪)

The waterfront restaurant had us a regular table
Nightly we had 3 courses
Yep our appetites we ready, willing and able

Do you know how much you eat on a cruise
We all come home
With a few pounds to lose

Day 2 barre class on the deck
All the passengers thought
Let’s join in, “what the heck”
Sore legs were felt for a few days or so
A few prayed, do I have to stand up again
No no no no

6 of us flew the flying fox
Harnessed, tied,
Hey lock those locks
Flying high across the ship
Spread your arms
Release your grip

Kangaroo island, beautiful for some
Getting on the tender boats produced some glum
Waves and choppiness, created many a green face
Vomiting and yells of help from many a passenger
Back on board they feel their calm embrace

White night, party time
You must dress in white
Or commit a fashion crime
Angelic is the term I’d use
19 of us dressed in white
A fine picture, we did produce

Cups of tea on deck twelve
Solving problems of the world
Yes a few, we did shelve

Trivia, scattergories & name that tune
Quick what’s on next
Grab a cocktail, I’ll be there soon

Karaoke, sing a song
Everyone is so polite
You never get the gong

Have you ever played bingo
We had in our group,
a bingo dingo
(someone who has never played that only comes to last the jackpot game)
Are you impressed, that I know the cruise ship lingo
So Here it was jackpot day
Mandy bloody Curtis “ bingo “
Hip hip hooray

Well statistics were definitely on our side
19 of us and one of us WON
“Woo hoo” The Mornington peninsula crew all cried

Last night,
party night
Drinks and a toast
Last night, make the most
The cruise ship crew joined the band
Everyone sang, the night was grand
One by one we went to bed
Worn out cruisers, enough said

I feel privileged to have shared this time
in this perfect paradigm
Beautiful women through and through
Join us next year
join our charismatic cruising crew






2017 less travel, more catch ups, time with Mum, kids spreading theirs wings and cherished lives touched with illness. This is life as we know it.

Whilst less 2017 a year of catch ups and … mixed feeling, lessextravagant than 2016, nonetheless it was a year of travel. Smaller trips encompassed a weekend to Lorne. One of my favorite places on earth. Next a 5 day cruise with mums in tow to Tasmania, followed by a week on the Land of the long white cloud, South Island New Zealand. Wow. It’s beauty unsurpassed. Lake Wanake, it’s magnificence leaves me speechless. Tasmania again, with my mum again. Tassie is an Aussie asset, without a doubt.

Catch ups. Rescuing animals, loving animals, acrobalance workshops, birthdays, my dogs, my boys. Just loving life.

Written on 31/12/17

Here I go again, apologies upfront
Yes it’s another long one
You can bow out now or take the punt

Another New year is upon us once again
I’m still happy, healthy and fit, AMEN

We partied at my friends, dressed up, yes there was sparkles & glitz
We had a band, there was champers & beer
I had too much aperol spritz

Many events, this year, have taken place
The year has flown
Life sets a very fast pace

Last year ended and began again in the city
A weekend with the best of friends,
Does it need to end, what a pity

15 Mums and daughters took to the high sea
We sailed from Melbourne and around Tasmania
We made new memories, my Mum and me

Catch up dinners, regularly, this group of Mums and kids
I bet these Mums would not give up their daughters
No way, these girls are awesome, not for a million quids

4 days in New Zealand, I did go
A stunningly beautiful destination
In the top 10 of happiest countries, did you know?

While I was there I caught up with my old school friend Kate
Gorgeous to see her
we had scrumptious brunch date

Europe beckoned for kade my son
Elliot his mate joined in the Fun
You returned my memories of 30 years ago
When I spent my first Christmas in the snow
I gave you one more hug & stared into your face
I was sad, happy, excited , I held on, for one more second
That mother son embrace

I watched you walk through the big sliding door
So proud, but please turn around
So I can see your beautiful face, once more

Kyle my grown up younger son
Brings Fun and uncontrollable laughter to everyone
Can skull a beer in less than 5 seconds
It’s Bendle’s on a bender trick, when the party beckons

The BAD bits

Cancer is such ugly disease
It has attacked one of our own with heinous ease

It chooses its victims with no apparent care
Its chooses the good ones, life is sometimes unfair

We have watched from afar, your body, so very tired
But you hold your head high, inspirational to say the least
I speak for one & all, we are so very inspired.

GOOD stuff this year, wow, 50ths galore
Next year we can expect a few more

Craigs Big night in June, was just was the beginning
Julies in October, lefts us all grinning
Karens in November, had all in a trance
As all the girls performed their flash mob dance

A photo booth that sparked many a laugh
Too much booze, caused many to barf
Police were called to one noisy do
But the party continued on without further ado
Next there was the Beatles, ABBA & Kiss
Madonna, Suzie & Amy didn’t go amiss
But the hit of the night, the ultimate pop star
Was none other than Karen Wescott aka Lady Gaga

Reunions of any sort, such a buzz
I was reunited on Facebook
With my long lost Irish cuz

A school reunion at the nightclub chasers
So so many,
familiar faces

Some unchanged
A few estranged
Lives explained
Figures retained
New friendships gained
But best of all, we were all entertained

Movie dates with my mum,
My confidante, my mentor & my best chum

Catch ups often with good friends
Does this socialising never end
Is there a health retreat you’d recommend
So my worn out old body can please mend

Sydney, port Douglas & palm cove
In August we hired a car, we drove & drove
From Sydney and espresso martini’s
to Port Douglas and teeny-weeny bikinis

Now at the studio, I am joined by Anna
Yoga, pilates, workshops
Look out for our banner

Our timetable updated on a regular basis
We look forward to greeting many new faces

Grand final day, always at the Walkers
Great food, great company, boisterous loud talkers
Tigers were the grand final winners this year
From all at the party, an almighty cheer

10 girls, on the day before, took a limo ride
Raising money for ovarian cancer we sat side by side
A wine, some lunch, a dance or three
End of the day, shoes off, what will be will be

November saw a trip away
Craig & I, with 2 mums at play
Hobart so pretty was the place to stay
Hot chips & red wine, freezing down at Sandy bay

Facebook to date

70 new friends have been made
The ban of puppy mills, new laws were laid
Phyllis Smith is my dark head twin
Apparently I was born to stand out, so why fit in
Facebook told me, so it must be so
Jokes every Wednesday from Patrick Tranter
Make us go ho ho ho
I topped the naughty side on Santas naughty & nice list
Regular events, not to be missed
Ads for this, and ads for that
Celebrity trainers telling us how not to get fat
But mouth watering recipes regularly adorn my page
Tips on how to live to 100 and anti age
I’m 369% asshole, this cannot be so
But I am still laughing at Amber when she fell flat on her face
6 months ago 🤪


I went to Rebeccas red hill farm
Don’t worry, I was done no harm
As 100s of hens set upon me
They hen pecked my ankles as I chuckled with glee
The joy of being with these girls
Outshone any diamonds or pearls
I played with her divine rescue lambs
I was putty in there little hoof hands
Charlie and Charlotte gave me the best day ever
I’m free for our next play date, anytime, whenever

All the sad losses in 2017, MAY THEY REST IN PEACE
From this earth, to a world above, to the angels, we release

Jerry Lewis made us laugh so hard
Legend Malcolm young, we held in high rockstar regard
David Cassidy he was so damn cute
Roger Moore so debonair always dressed in a suit
Tom petty, we loved him, HE was a heartbreaker
Hugh Hefner, was the playboy bunny maker

So many more, gone, not mentioned
may they Rest In Peace, our admiration for them
Only strengthened

So happy for Turia Pitt
My hero, an icon
I have to admit

A baby for them now makes three
A brand new life
This amazing woman, deserves everything happy

Christmas was here and gone already
New year upon us, you better get ready

Our final night of the year is once more here
I wish my family, friends, the world much happy cheer

Thank you for touching my life this & past years
Maybe our words & support for each other have
helped brave fears

To those who I have mentioned now, right here
Come close and lend me your ear

And I whisper, “Please don’t live a life of ALMOST” Live with passion”

Now get off your arses
And charge your glasses

Here’s to happiness, health & living passionately in 2018

My wish for you all is to continue.
Continue to be who you are, to astonish, in a mean world with your acts of kindness. (Maya Angelou)L

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Around Morocco with love and a sore bum

Today is day 1 on bike tour Morocco

Marrakesh to Taroudant. About a 230km drive, 5 hours south of Marrakesh. I have to say day 1,  I did it tough. The clothes we had to wear, the heat, the sore bum, but mostly the apparent 2 way roads high in the mountains with sheer drops were enough to test anyone’s nerve.
We travelled a small pass called the Tizi-n-Test High in the Atlas mountains. This was one most spectacular drive. The scenery did make up for all of the above.

Dodging donkeys, goats & dogs in scorching heat

Having mint tea and berber food to eat. (My poetic moment)

Actually i had not seen a dog since we arrived in Morocco. Giving me some concerns. Many a cat roaming but no dogs. Until today at 2000m we fly around a bend to have a cute little dog chasing our ankles.  I tried to keep them in my eyesight, wondering where he lived  or who he belonged to. Where did you get his food? I was feeling sad but looking at him he didn’t look starving. Who was looking after him?

Arriving in taroudant, we entered the Medina. Surrounded with old walls, it is a stunning but small medina with a maze of narrow lanes lined with worn old buildings with brightly coloured doors. As in Marrakesh there were souks everywhere you turned, without the exotic feel, colors and delicious aromas that Marrakesh had. This is where we got lost a few times. There was always a friendly face to help. For 10 dirham of course (1 euro)

Sadly for the people of this little town, It is often overlooked as a destination among travellers, it was almost devoid of tourists. We saw 3. The little city shutting down completely at 5pm due to Ramadan, a kindly man served us dinner. I can’t say I was sad to say farewell to Taroudant,  but at the same time I felt there was probably more to this little place then we had seen.

I think I’ve been here before

Last night I was where my mum was 30 years ago. My mum was filled with excitement as she watched her me go through the big sliding doors at Melbourne international airport. Excited for whatever path her only daughter went on, as she set off to travel the world. At that time I didn’t think about how my mum felt then as she watched the back of me disappear and those doors closed for she was not sure how long. I never thought about how she felt as she went home that night. My head was in the clouds, excited beyond words for what was to come. Tonight I have just watched my son this disappear through those very same doors that I went through 30 years ago. He’s excited to say the least. I am excited, over the moon for him. Having had the same experience. I know what magic he is in for. I feel so much love & happiness for him. I am fighting back the tears as I give him one last cuddle before he goes through the doors. I turn to leave, I am reveling in his happiness, but feeling, mmmm, I won’t say sad, maybe a little wistful. So, this is how my mum felt. 🙂 But with all of that i wish to say to you Kade, there is no better classroom in life then travel. Embrace every moment, learn, appreciate and take enormous pleasure in all your adventures, make magic, drink beer, eat different foods, experience new cultures, chat with people you don’t know, laugh with people you have nothing in common with, take in all the sites, relish in the worlds history, find yourself in the world. Listen to people’s stories. One of life’s most pleasureable things for me is traveling and meeting people, I love meeting & talking to people, hearing their stories. From the bottom of my heart I hope your travel experience is more wonderful, more memorable and more special than mine was and that believe me, is saying something. You take with you a piece of my heart with all the love and beautiful wishes I have to give. I love you to the moon and back. Be safe and travel happy and look out for each other. You will be missed muchly ❤️❤️❤️
My motto travel as much as you can, travel as far as you can and travel as long as you can. Life is not meant to be lived in one place. Go be fabulous both of you!

Hello, I am here. What next?

My first blog on WordPress.


Should I be nervous? Can I join your community?


From childhood, I loved to write. The subjects? Anything, poems about friends and their first boyfriends, poems about animals, about life. I loved doing research papers at school. Assignments, stories, technical or truth. The most fun was the embellished truth, perhaps functional non-fiction.

I’m not sure why, but I had a break for a long time. I would still write nice verses in people’s birthday cards, for Christmas. People would always say, you write the most beautiful things. Something sparked in me again. I started writing speeches, poems and stories. Now people contact me to write a poem or a funny little ditty for someone’s birthday. A special occasion birthday.

I enjoy it, it’s fun, especially if you have a lot of dirt on them. Circumstances or events to make people laugh. Give me all the details.

However, over the past six months, a subject very close to my heart, Led me to the decision to put pen to paper. It’s very hard for me to share, I thought, who am I to write a book?

Who would want to read something I haven’t written? I have had no formal training.

With that in my head, I braced myself, I allowed a friend read it. She loved it. With much encouragement from my lovely friend, again, I broadened my shoulders, toughened up and put in in the hands of another friend, then another and so it went. Positive feedback all the way.

Whilst I still have not put it into a professionals hands, I have sought out advice from some very kind people in the industry. A beta reader, then editor are my next steps.

Baby steps for me as I move towards publishing my book. The blog is a good idea for me, just to get a bit of practice and put myself out there.

So here I am. Let me introduce myself. Mother to 2 beautiful boys and two rescue dogs. Working hard in a highly competitive industry. A traveller who revels in going to new destinations and experiencing new cultures. Feeling very grateful for what I have in my life and my life’s experiences and cherished moments.

My book is still sitting here, with the little bit more tweaking that it needs to be completed. It will then be sent to an editor. For me, my challenge is to complete this. For my heart, I want to share this subject, as I am very passionate about it. I will share when I feel ready. Until then, fingers crossed.

Any advice welcome.

Lovely meeting you XOXO