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Sitting here on Wednesday afternoon with a chance to reflect. I have a day where nothing else is planned, except housework (write or housework, my choice is made) so here I am. 

The theme for the day writing, journalling, breathing and listening. My dogs sleeping peacefully beside me and there is just silence to keep us company. I hear the rain, gently hitting the roof and the ground. How beautiful the silence, how beautiful the sound of rain. 

We are in a time of transformation, we are in a chapter of our life story. Our routines are gone, some of us feel shaky as we keep trying to move forward. We have lost our safety net, the comfort of our cocoon. 

Treat it as a little adventure, a path we have never travelled. We are experiencing uncertainty, confusion and fear. 

At 57 I am probably stronger physically and mentally than I have been in my whole life. I feel there is nothing I cannot do. I never stop trying. Trying what? To achieve what I have my sights set on. Even when I think I can’t do it, I keep trying to find a way to do it. 

Sometimes it feels like the universe is saying no this is not for you, challenge after challenge after challenge, thrown in front of me. Almost at breaking point, I start to question “is this really for me”. And then just one day, it all falls into place and I’m glad I stayed true to myself. 

It is never ever too late to try something new.

Starting something new, it may not come as easy when you’re older, and I’m not talking just physically now, I am also talking mentally. 

Physically I can no longer run. I accept that and I find other things that challenge me physically, as much, if not more. 

But it’s also the power of the mind.

Fear, is a powerful emotion that can hold us back.

Fear stops us doing so much.. 

I have a project that is so close to my heart, but I never finish it, why? I realised it’s because of fear. Fear that it’s not going to be as good as what I want it to be, fear that other people will not respect or like it as much as I do. 
Fear of looking stupid, fear of being hurt, fear of not being good enough, fear of the consequences that will come from it whether it’s received or rejected by others. Fear of my own capabilities. Fear of what if!

Fear wow, this emotion is so powerful It has the ability to stop us pursuing what is important to us.

Fear can also be an ally. Why? Because it also comes along, side-by-side with intuition, if it doesn’t feel right then maybe it’s not right. 

I’m a believer in listening to your gut, because that is when fear can be your friend, it is a warning bell. Sometimes though our egos shout louder than our intuition. We have to quiet the mind to listen deeper. 

Fear is what it is, an emotion, just fear. 

You are the only one who can choose, how to use your own fear. From this night on I’m choosing to let go of my fear and chase what is important to me. My passion. Will you join me in chasing yours. I am here to support you! 

Set your boundaries, protect yourself and your space. Surround yourself with people who support your mission and walk away from the ones who hold you back. 

Being okay if it happens and being okay if it doesn’t happen is a pretty good place to be in! 

Sending out love and positive thoughts to you all ❤️❤️❤️


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Amid the madness that has unfolded

How do we stay focused

when the world around us is falling apart?”
Through the crazy, the uncertainty

How do we keep kindness in our heart

We walk together into the unknown

With a new respect

Replace violence with love

Vow to protect

Each other

Our planet, this gift

Salvage what remains

Raise our vibration, a planetary shift

On the horizon, beauty

A lambent display

A valuable lesson

The human race take away


Recover our world

Again feel the warmth on your skin

See nature at play

Watch a new day to begin

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It changed

Their eyes met across a crowded bar

They never talked

Glimpses, connection, flirtatious from afar

They never talked,

that night!


Time went by

They knew their time was coming

Timing was of the Essence

Serendipity was humming


They met inside a crowded bar

He watched her studiously

He watched her from afar


He took her arm


A meeting of eyes

A meeting of hearts

Locked in each other

The fire starts


Then something changes

Fast moving out of control

a torrent, changing everything

Stepping in, eating her soul


How can it be

That you love someone

How can it be

That you lose that same someone

Because a link is missing

In the chain of life


The silence in my heart

waking up to a new reality

How little control we really have

It changed to what I thought it would be


It changed what really matters

It changed my heart


What if I never forget you!

Sue Vincent #writephoto

A Daydream or is it?

Sitting in the silence

Listening to Earths whisper

A passenger within a daydream

A memory brings a shiver


An angel now in this life

She wears her wings with pride

Radiating happiness to all she meets

Integrity & honesty flows from the inside


She connects with life’s elements

Affectionately taking this new world in her stride

Leaving fragments wherever she goes

Her insight is her guide


She will ask you

Do you want your wings ?

A halo crown that shines

Reality is, it’s just a moment away

With the infinite of the universe confines


Let there be storms

Embrace the peace

Your rainbow awaits

Where the turmoil does cease


Sitting in the presence

Wings spreading for her flight

Magic all around her

the brightest star in the night


Sitting upon the rocks

Taking in this world

Guide the human spirit

Upon the path you hurled


Enjoy your human journey

For it is just a dream

Embrace the spirit and growth

With every new mornings beam

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Cover photo

Dangerous Thoughts

They way he looked
at her
He stared in to her soul
The way he kissed her
Giddy with loss of her control

Dangerous liaisons
Cause cheeks of cherry red
Delirious with the flush of magic
Sensibility of her mind has fled

Passionate moments
Dangerous thoughts
Aroused by temptation
Desire ties her in knots

He turns
He walks away
She is left with the blush
Of suggestive pleasure



The cloudless sky

infinite and blue

beautifully translucent

Heaven shines celestial hue

It dances on the water

Reflective like glass

Capturing the perfect photo

Tone an absolute contrast

Framed by the gnarled branches

Aged and flawed in aspect

Barren, withered & misshapen

Beautifully commanding nature’s respect

In the still of the moment

the breath of serenity

The world at peace

Witness an epiphany,

Of pure divinity

Sue Vincent writephoto challenge

Dangerous Thoughts

They way he looked

at her

He stared in to her soul

The way he kissed her

Giddy with loss of her control

Dangerous liaisons

Cause cheeks of cherry red

Delirious with the flush of magic

Sensibility of her mind has fled

Passionate moments

Dangerous thoughts

Aroused by temptation

Desire ties her in knots

He turns

He walks away

She is left with the blush

Of suggestive pleasure



I am truly moved by the generosity of people.

When we see others who are in dire circumstances likened to those in Australia right now, this very minute, the horror they are experiencing at this exact second, we dig deep. Australians have deep pockets and big heart.

I am an Australian who is feeling mixed emotions. I am heartbroken for what we are going through, There has not been a day since last September that I have not shed tears. Our people, our wildlife and our land is being devastated, it feels like Armageddon, this is hell on earth.

Yet I am removed from it physically, I am one of the lucky ones. I reside about four hours away from the closest inferno.

We awake early mornings to gloomy skies, the presence of the sun a menacing red colour through the grey haze of the fog. It is amazing to see but leave you with an eerie feel. Doom seems to be looming.

My country is broken, I am broken, heartbroken, soul broken yet I am also filled with pride to be part of this magnificent burnt country and proud to be an Australian

I see every Australian is chipping in to help those who have been affected. Whether we are in the crux of this evil or away from it, we are all touched by it. The fire burning our country is also burning our souls.

Our wildlife is hurting. Over 500 million animals have died since 2019 bushfires began. Hard to comprehend? Yes, however it is a sad fact.

The fires have been burning so hot and so fast that there has been significant mortality of animals in the trees, there is such a big area even now that is still on fire, still burning, sadly we may never find their bodies.

Koalas have been hit the hardest. In the last four months up to 8000 on the New South Wales North-coast alone, are believed to have perished, that is a third of the entire koala population in that area.

There are other significant koala populations in the other states affected by the fire such as Victoria, where I live and South Australia. I do not have numbers at this stage. In my eyes even one death is tragic

There are many still living, they are injured, they have no food and could still be suffering, they need us. Beautiful hearted people are volunteering and literally running to help. They needed Joey pouches for those orphaned babies, koala mittens for burnt paws and the whole world started knitting and crocheting.

People wanted to do something, we all just want to help. Regular food drops to the bush for those animals still trying to find a new home and to make sense of what has happened to them, their environment has gone and for some, their families also.

Stepping up the Aussies, because that’s what we Australians do, we chip in, get our hands dirty, we all want to help when our fellow Aussie’s are in trouble.

The animal shelters, wildlife organisations needed money

As we all do, I wanted to help.

Two weeks ago I decided to run a mobility/Pilates class, the payment to be by donation, with 100% of the proceeds going towards the relief and the recovery of our wildlife that has been ravage by Australia’s bushfires.

I was hoping to raise over $500 to donate on behalf of the studio and its supporters.

Nothing prepared me for the overwhelming generosity and support of those who attended

The morning was nothing less than magical. A group of people with a common bond. They care for Australia and they care about our beautiful animals. 

There were smiles and happy faces on all of those who attended. We were further blessed as the sun came out, shining upon us as we lengthened & strengthened our bodies on the grassy area out front of the studio. 

We sat in silence at the end of our session, listening to Delta Goodrem sing Let it Rain. Emotion filled, I stared a a piece of paper through tear filled eyes, I read a prayer, my friend Helen and I had written, on behalf of this amazing group of people.

There was tears in the eyes of everyone, showing me the level of compassion of those sharing this moment.

When our morning session was complete we were at a fantastic $980 and I was thrilled.

The donations from those who did not attend, but wanted to contribute to Victorias Wildlife kept coming.

Phone call after phone call, text after text, our total grew. My heart grew with pride a little more with each incredible donation.

I was and still am speechless. Sunday night at 11pm, I was contacted by another compassionate generous human with our final donation of $500 taking our total to a whopping $1900.

Together we as a group, a community, we raised a whopping $1900. Be proud my friends, you are all extraordinary and kind people.

The $1900 has now been donated to Wildlife Victoria, Mallacoota Wildlife Shelter, Goongerah Wombat Orphanage, Wild to free animal shelter (both who have been severely affected by bushfires)& lastly to Amaroo Wildlife shelter.

Here is our prayer for AUSTRALIA. Please join me in reading it then sitting silently as you pray for AUSTRALIA’s relief and recovery. Please pray that AUSTRALIA stops burning.

Together we pray and set the intention to for Australia to begin healing and recovering from its devastation..

We pray for rain

we pray for the victims,

we pray for the wildlife, 

We pray for the firemen, the first responders,

And we pray for those who are volunteering, for those helping.

We thank you!

We thank you all for your dedication.

We pray for the souls of those people and the billions of animals lives that have been lost.

We pray for all those animals that are still living

we pray that you find a safe place, free from harm.

We pray for your recovery. 

We pray for AUSTRALIA’s recovery

“We pray and intend for the bushfires to stop burning.

We ask that no more people or animals lose their lives.

May Australia’s people, wildlife and eco system recover quickly from this catastrophe. 

May this tragedy serve to open hearts, change mindsets and educate the world in positive ways that brings new love and respect for our planet. “

Thank you


A very proud Australian


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