The Path

In the beginning the path is smooth Unencumbered, no burden Heart and words gave only truth Time moves on I beg it slow Masks removed Thy wrinkles show Undulating journey Now tired and worn The road gets bumpier We gaze forlorn The trail walked cracks were showing The lights were on Highlighting the path ofContinue reading “The Path”

Magic set free

We once were magic We set it free Like a bird in an open cage It flew away, we let it be * * Where will it go Where will it land Can we get it back Will you again hold my hand * * Fly back to us through the air Like magic againContinue reading “Magic set free”

There is no monsters

There is no monsters under your bed an alternate identity your worse enemy The monsters are in your head . . Unalluring in the darkness Surprises you as she bares her teeth Reminding of the what is repugnant deep beneath This monster is heartless . . The monster rearing itself on the inside Breaths areContinue reading “There is no monsters”

The Magician

/#writephoto – Sue Vincent Startled she awoke By the hush of the dark Her sweet slumber was broke The moon staining her face Like a beautiful birth mark . . The silver white moon hung Like a chandelier radiating light As if magic had entered On this inky black night . . This was herContinue reading “The Magician”

The angry man

Unhappy within himself He had lost his ability to find joyous moments and occasions in his every day, every hour and even moments Why did he get angry when she eagerly ate the cake he bought her. He watched her eat with such verve that was wonderful to watch, if you were not he! TheContinue reading “The angry man”

The old lady

The old lady seemed very knowledgeable Her reputation uninformed yet honorable With stories she captured all and amused Unfamiliar charm just oozed Tales of truths and lies those who listened Would look for answers curiously into her eyes When questioned, What do you think? Was the old lady’s unknowledgable replies


From day one our hearts were full of positivity We were infatuated Complete in levity . . Our lightheartedness was intoxicating Our passion Steamy Liberating . . Smiles changed to scowls Attachment to detachment Frivolity led to growls . . Disconnection . . And in all his earnestness he told me he did not thinkContinue reading “Disconnection”