Open the Gate

Open the gate Enjoy your stay Listen for your untold story Let instinct lead the way Accept its invitation Access is this way Are you on vacation Or is it your mind at play Experience the illusion Ride wonderments roller coaster Every movement, every moment Extreme happiness is one step closer Breath in the magicContinue reading “Open the Gate”

A New Challenge

Courageous trust within my sixth sense Protect me Shield me Safe inside my make believe fence The fences lines are blurred Indistinct My psyche, my soul Impressed on me good instinct Sheltered, cherished within my fence Do I dare to break out of my sanctuary This does not cohere, nor make sense Seal my fate,Continue reading “A New Challenge”

Easier to say goodbye

Word of the day – Commit Will you regret This moment in time You were brilliant, I was fabulous Together we were sublime * Was it real Or an empty dream Things were not As things would seem * You walked away It was too easy you quit It was easier to say goodbye ThanContinue reading “Easier to say goodbye”

A Moment in Time

Can we go back To that first embrace You held me tightly Searching for your answers You gazed longingly into my face At that moment in time, You delved deep into my soul Each of us captivated That night was beautiful as we wildly Lost control Hypnotised Held a prisoner in your eyes That splitContinue reading “A Moment in Time”

Commitment – how committed are you really?

Commitment – Loyalty The first word that comes to mind when I think of the word commitment is loyalty. . . A commitment to a task or job is to be responsible to or for. Make the decision to follow through. Support and fulfil obligations. . . In a relationship it is bond built onContinue reading “Commitment – how committed are you really?”

The Rear View Mirror

She slowly released the clutch She sat there Eyes straight ahead She longed to feel his touch . . One more time . . She hesitated She had waited . . For so long . . Her eyes search the rear view mirror He was no longer there Unaware . . He left a longContinue reading “The Rear View Mirror”