There is no monsters

There is no monsters under your bed an alternate identity your worse enemy The monsters are in your head . . Unalluring in the darkness Surprises you as she bares her teeth Reminding of the what is repugnant deep beneath This monster is heartless . . The monster rearing itself on the inside Breaths areContinue reading “There is no monsters”

Today my heart swelled with pride

Delacombe Cricket Club, the home teams players congregated in their fielding positions for the A graders cricket Final. As the mum of one of away teams players, I set my chair up on the sidelines under a large gum tree that provided a cool shady world with light filtering through the tree tops helping toContinue reading “Today my heart swelled with pride”

The powers that be

The powers that be . . The phrase comes from a translation of the Greek: αἱ … οὖσαι [ἐξουσίαι], hai … oûsai [exousíai], the … existing [powers]’; ἐξουσίαι is also translated as “authorities” in some other translations.[6] . A deity . A deity is “a god or goddess (in a polytheistic religion)”, or anything reveredContinue reading “The powers that be”

Beneath the truth

Beneath the truth Rejective to the truths she tried to tell him Mind absent? Or defensive out on a limb . . Please listen You must play attention No more pretension, allow convention . . You sit and stare through vacant eyes Life on hold, I await your replies Do you understand what we areContinue reading “Beneath the truth”

The Unlikely Friendship

Perching himself upon the giant creatures back, his only thought was his hungry tummy. The giant creature lifted his head slowly and turned to look at what had landed on his wide brown and white girth. She asked “Why do set down on me little one?” The egret replied “I look for worms and insectsContinue reading “The Unlikely Friendship”

A place of hope

  A Place of Hope   How do you fill the void Where in your heart Love was blissfully employed       The home where we once shared This place where as lovers we were together Our hearts and minds momentarily paired     Don’t get too close though What if Teetering on theContinue reading “A place of hope”

The crush

The crush Eyes meet My cheeks sting as I blush My heart races, I tremble I am smitten, I have a crush Am I a fool To allow my body over sensibility to make rule The choice is no longer mine My senses alive with thoughts Body’s entwined so divine Your name lingers on myContinue reading “The crush”

The junk shop

Weekly prompts – Junk The junk shop Entry is free Do you like what you see Come take a look, Let me show you, this 1950s Retro cookbook Recycled goods, what do you need books, clothes and shoes? There is nothing I don’t have, believe me indeed Please take a look, it’s would be myContinue reading “The junk shop”


TAXI I feel your eyes staring after me Stop me please, scream don’t go I walk forlornly towards my taxi * The taxi awaits eagerly He wants his fare It’s not too late To tell me you still care * The driver opens my door Bags in the boot Stale sweat from the passenger beforeContinue reading “Goodbye”