Smell the flower, Smell the sweet Take my heart Make me complete . . The sweet smell of flowers passion penetrates the air Offers of love Heart and soul laid bare . . We align we connect Breathe in air We reflect . . Heart over head It does rule Truth is belief I amContinue reading “Reflect”

The Elm Tree

Early morning, the sun rising over the clouds, the elderly man is out walking his dog. An orchestra of sounds fill the air. Birds tweeting simultaneously as if greeting each other with welcome to a new day. A light breeze whishes as the stones crunch under each step as he ambles along the long gravelContinue reading “The Elm Tree”

Today my heart swelled with pride

Delacombe Cricket Club, the home teams players congregated in their fielding positions for the A graders cricket Final. As the mum of one of away teams players, I set my chair up on the sidelines under a large gum tree that provided a cool shady world with light filtering through the tree tops helping toContinue reading “Today my heart swelled with pride”

The powers that be

The powers that be . . The phrase comes from a translation of the Greek: αἱ … οὖσαι [ἐξουσίαι], hai … oûsai [exousíai], the … existing [powers]’; ἐξουσίαι is also translated as “authorities” in some other translations.[6] . A deity . A deity is “a god or goddess (in a polytheistic religion)”, or anything reveredContinue reading “The powers that be”

Beneath the truth

Beneath the truth Rejective to the truths she tried to tell him Mind absent? Or defensive out on a limb . . Please listen You must play attention No more pretension, allow convention . . You sit and stare through vacant eyes Life on hold, I await your replies Do you understand what we areContinue reading “Beneath the truth”

Open the Gate

Open the gate Enjoy your stay Listen for your untold story Let instinct lead the way Accept its invitation Access is this way Are you on vacation Or is it your mind at play Experience the illusion Ride wonderments roller coaster Every movement, every moment Extreme happiness is one step closer Breath in the magicContinue reading “Open the Gate”

Commitment – how committed are you really?

Commitment – Loyalty The first word that comes to mind when I think of the word commitment is loyalty. . . A commitment to a task or job is to be responsible to or for. Make the decision to follow through. Support and fulfil obligations. . . In a relationship it is bond built onContinue reading “Commitment – how committed are you really?”