Regretting everything she’d done in the past five hours, she said “Can I have a word with you?” His eyes looked deep into hers, she could see the desire, sense the desire, smell it even. Like a snap shot, this is a picture that would remain in her memory, always. She had to turn awayContinue reading “Decisions”

Teach me about life

Teach me Did you feel me move I’m playing in your tummy I am coming very soon I can’t wait to meet you mummy * Daddy lay your hands on me Gently touch mummy’s tummy I will be your most precious human irreplaceable, no amount of money * I’m coming into your world I’ll beContinue reading “Teach me about life”

Magic set free

We once were magic We set it free Like a bird in an open cage It flew away, we let it be * * Where will it go Where will it land Can we get it back Will you again hold my hand * * Fly back to us through the air Like magic againContinue reading “Magic set free”

A letter to his teacher – I wish you could see him now

This is a repost from Chaotic Shapes. Please watch the video. School is not a measure of a persons success. The grades a child receives in school does not define the child or his journey into adult hood, their passion does,. Follow your heart, your instinct and trust. As in this video these parentsContinue reading “A letter to his teacher – I wish you could see him now”

Anger, light, love – she is the source.

Finding your yourself ❤️ . . She stands behind she is your ego As if a dragon, she breathes fire Swinging her fists short sharp breaths she is defiant Prepared to fight Prepared to defend Her furrowed brow In this instant stay out of her way she is righteous She is unrighteous she is yourContinue reading “Anger, light, love – she is the source.”

There is no monsters

There is no monsters under your bed an alternate identity your worse enemy The monsters are in your head . . Unalluring in the darkness Surprises you as she bares her teeth Reminding of the what is repugnant deep beneath This monster is heartless . . The monster rearing itself on the inside Breaths areContinue reading “There is no monsters”

Today my heart swelled with pride

Delacombe Cricket Club, the home teams players congregated in their fielding positions for the A graders cricket Final. As the mum of one of away teams players, I set my chair up on the sidelines under a large gum tree that provided a cool shady world with light filtering through the tree tops helping toContinue reading “Today my heart swelled with pride”

The powers that be

The powers that be . . The phrase comes from a translation of the Greek: αἱ … οὖσαι [ἐξουσίαι], hai … oûsai [exousíai], the … existing [powers]’; ἐξουσίαι is also translated as “authorities” in some other translations.[6] . A deity . A deity is “a god or goddess (in a polytheistic religion)”, or anything reveredContinue reading “The powers that be”

Beneath the truth

Beneath the truth Rejective to the truths she tried to tell him Mind absent? Or defensive out on a limb . . Please listen You must play attention No more pretension, allow convention . . You sit and stare through vacant eyes Life on hold, I await your replies Do you understand what we areContinue reading “Beneath the truth”