Random acts of kindness

Prompting you to action – Random

A non premeditated act towards someone or to something is a random act of kindness

No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.



Being kind makes the world a better place. Really kindness is just in us, deep inside. It’s human nature, if you see someone in need, we help. Even a child, if they see someone upset, or if the see someone fall, it is their instinct to go and help.


Animals are kind. If you are upset, you will find your dog, will come and sit by you, put their head on your lap, just be with you, because they want to comfort you.

The kindest person I have ever met, I talk to every day. Who? My mother, yes, I’m serious. How lucky am I? I knew from a little girl how special she was. I said from a very young age, I want to grow up to be like my mum.

Whether I made it or not, I’m not sure. I know I’m kind. I do kind acts every single day, for people, for animals, for the planet. Could it be hereditary? My beautiful sons are growing up with the kindness gene too. Proud mum, hell yeah!

Doing something kind is like giving yourself a quick happy fix. Endorphins kick in and you walk away from your act of kindness with a smile on your face.


Your act of kindness will have an effect on the person you were kind to and they in turn will be kind to someone else. You’ve heard of the saying “Pay it forward”? Just like that. Bottom line being kind makes you happy and you have helped someone or something at the same time.

The simplest acts of kindness are far more powerful

than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.Mahatma Gandhi

Random acts of kindness

1. Volunteer at a nursing home or animal rescue Centre

2. Let some one go ahead of you in the line

3. Pick up litter off the beach or street

4. Plant a tree

5. Smile at someone

6. Pay someone a compliment

7. Take your dog for a walk

8. Take a sick friend or neighbour dog for a walk

9. Serve / volunteer at a homeless shelter

10. Bake a cake for someone

11. Pay someone’s train ticket

12. Say thank you… ALL THE TIME

13. Foster or adopt a dog or cat

14. Go vegan or vegetarian

15. Take in your neighbors bins

16. Run errands for the elderly or sick

17. Say hello to a stranger

18. Recycle

19. Mow someone’s lawn who can’t do it themselves

20. Drive someone to school or work on a rainy day

21. Listen to people / stories

22. Switch to recycle bags for your shopping

23. Reduce your paper use

24. Laugh

25. Share

26. Hug someone

27. Be good to your parents.

There are so many ways to be kind. Try one now

Love ❤️


Published by Janette Bendle

I have reached my fabulous 50s. Guess what, it’s okay. 20 years in the health and wellness industry. Educating men and women on the importance of nourishing their bodies with good food, moving with integrity, recharging their energy levels and empowering their minds. I love my job. A mother of two boys who are now men and my greatest achievement. A lover of words, an aspiring author with a book written and no idea where to go next, a poet who writes from the heart and her vulnerability. A foodie who loves to experiment, a salad lover , But not just your Every day salad, I throw in anything you can think of it ends up in my salad. I have a reputation for making the greatest weirdest salads around. As a total contradiction, I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. I rescue abandoned souls in the bodies of dogs, an animal lover, Who sometimes likes animals more than humans. My teacher in life, my mother never ceases to amaze me. I am one fortunate human being who is filled with gratitude for the life she lives.

6 thoughts on “Random acts of kindness

  1. I loved your article, and I have to tell you that the kindest person I’ve met in my life was my dad, and I always said if grew up to be half as good as my dad, I’d be happy 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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